Is Argentina Set to Become the Next Digital Nomad Mecca?

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Author: Andy Stofferis
Written by Andy Stofferis

In our opinion, Argentina is already one of the top destinations in Latin America for digital nomads. But the country is also working hard to make it even more attractive, with the aim of attracting 22,000 digital nomads to the country in 2023.

Argentina has already done the most important thing. They have completely opened their borders following COVID lockdowns, and travellers can visit without the necessity of providing any kind of proof of vaccination.

The country is also looking to create a special visa for digital nomads. Many foreigners can already enter the country and get a 90-day tourist visa on the border, which can be extended once in the country. But Argentina is now looking to launch a special one-year legal stay visa for digital nomads. It is still unclear when exactly this will be released, but if the propaganda targeted at digital nomads coming out of Inprotur (the National Institute for Tourism Promotion of Argentina) is anything to go by, then soon!

This will offer competition for the two-year digital nomad visa that is being launched in Brazil, and will make South America a newly popular destination for digital nomads.

But beyond a great visa, why should digital nomads consider Argentina?

Benefits of Argentina for Digital Nomads

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Argentina is extremely affordable for everything from accommodation to transport to food. You can rent a decent-sized apartment in the centre of a city like Buenos Aries for just US$300-400 per month. You can eat out at a pretty nice restaurant for just US$10 and pay less than US$2 for a beer.

Cultural Interest

Argentina has a vibrant and interesting culture with distinctive food, excellent wine, exotic Tango, and no shortage of natural wonders to explore. It is also a relatively international country where you will find international cuisine and fusion art that mix new stimuli with the unique local culture. It is also very accessible, and the local community is open to sharing.

Large Expat Community

Those looking for colleagues to work alongside in co-working spaces and potential new partners will appreciate that there are already quite a lot of ex-pats in the country paving the way. This means that there are people that can share your experience, and also that many places are already catering to the needs of digital nomads and ex-pats with coworking spaces and flexible living arrangements.

Accessible Language

While Spanish is the mother tongue in Argentina, in most places you will find that the locals speak pretty good English, which means that making friends and getting the essentials done is just a little bit easier if you are still working on your Spanish.

Internet Connectivity

There are some places in the world where you just can’t get decent internet, no matter how much money you throw at the problem. This is a common criticism of South America by digital nomads. But Argentina has some of the best network infrastructures on the continent and you can get a decent connection at an affordable price.

Great Travel Base

Transport networks across South America aren’t as good as they could be. Even in some of the big Brazilian cities, you will find yourself needing to make several stops to reach some of the important international hubs on the continent. Not so in Argentina. Buenos Aries is probably the most well-connected transport hub in South America, and you can get relatively affordable planes, trains, and buses from here to a variety of destinations. There are even flights between Buenos Aires and the Antipodes for Australian and Kiwi travellers.


While you can expect to see regular political protests if you spend any time in Argentina, it is actually one of the safest places in Southern America in terms of crime.

Drawbacks of Argentina for Digital Nomads

The biggest thing to be aware of in Argentina is currency fluctuations. While the falling price of the Peso might mean that your foreign currency is worth a little more every day, it also means that any currency that you hold in the country is losing value on a daily basis. Prices are volatile and difficult to predict.

Moving money in and out of Argentina can also be challenging, as there are strict limits on the amount of money that you can move, which can make managing your international finances challenging.

Where to Live in Argentina

If you are considering spending some time in Argentina as a digital nomad, where should you base yourself?

Buenos Aires

The capital is, without doubt, the most exciting city to live in Argentina and has the best facilities for digital nomads and ex-pats. It is full of museums, international shopping, local bars and restaurants, and affordable accommodation. You can read our complete guide to Buenos Aires for digital nomads here.


Córdoba is Argentina’s second-largest city and is home to Argentina’s oldest university, established in 1613. This dominates the centre of the city and makes it feel all a bit more “small town” and “old world” while being a big and vibrant city with plenty to offer. It is close to many of the country’s exotic natural destinations.


Lovers of wine will want to spend some time in Mendoza at the base of the Andes foothills. Argentina has a vibrant international wine culture, so this city is surprisingly well connected for a seeming remote region. The city streets are neat and organized with tree-lined boulevards and enjoy 300 days of sunshine per year.

The Verdict

If you have been grounded for a while due to COVID and you are already looking for your next international destination, it is worth considering Argentina. Not only can you visit now without vaccination and visa requirements, but the excellent infrastructure means that it is simple to land and set yourself up from day one. You’ll be able to find decent accommodation, great internet, and start making friends among the locals even if your Spanish leaves a bit to be desired.

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