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The rise of work from home jobs has rapidly translated into work from anywhere in the world. And if you're lucky enough to work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and internet connection, then why would you choose to commute to your office daily?

In fact, why even remain in the same country?

The number of digital nomads in the U.S. has more than doubled over the past couple years—from 4.8 million in 2018 to 10.9 million in 2020.

In the past few years, many countries are now offering digital nomad visas, which permits you to live and work remotely in any country of your choice. We have put together this detailed guide to help you learn about countries with digital nomad visas. Also, we provide you with tips and requirements for making your dream of working abroad come true with less hussle.

Digital Nomad Overview

The ability to work from home or through the internet is basically the foundation of a digital nomad. As a digital nomad, you can use laptops, tablets, smartphones, cloud-based software, voice over IP to work remotely where you live or travel to. While working remotely, you may decide to use a co-living or co-working space, shared office, and house sitting agreement. Working remotely gives you the opportunity to travel while still making money from employers, online businesses, or clients.

About Digital Nomad Visas

This is a visa for foreign location-independent businesses and freelancers. This type of visa permits freelancers, remote workers, and independent contractors to live and work outside their home country. While living in their chosen country, they may work for their employer, their own company, or as a self-employed contractor or freelancer.

Digital Nomads working abroad
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Working abroad without a Digital Nomad Visa

Many countries' visa laws are not set up to favour the digital nomad working way. Working in a foreign country while on a tourist visa is technically illegal. Adding to the fact that tourist visas usually expire within 30 to 60 days, and it's difficult to renew in many countries. Digital nomads may also not have access to a traditional work visa, which usually requires an invitation letter or a contract with a local entity. Because of all these, the local workers are trapped in a legal grey area.

Many countries now offer digital nomad visas to address the vagueness freelancers and remote workers abroad face with visas. This makes digital nomad taxes simple, as the digital nomads will basically have a country of residence.

What Countries Give Digital Nomad Work Visas?

As of January 14, 2022, there are about 20 regions that offer digital nomad visas. Most of these are countries, while four are British Overseas Territories.

Map of all countries offering Digital Nomad Visas

Countries offering Digital Nomad Visas
Countries world wide offering Digital Nomad Visas





During our research, we also discovered that a couple of other nations like Romania have announced that they're currently working on their digital nomad initiative. Once their initiative is approved, we'll include them in this list. However, here is a list of countries that currently offer digital nomad visas:


Digital Nomad Visa in Barbados
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Barbados' Digital Nomad Visa

Barbados unveiled their digital nomad visa in June 2020. Barbados' 12-month welcome stamp signifies access to reside and work in the country for a year. You will find cost-effective beachfront accommodation, a friendly atmosphere, and many outdoor activities in Barbados. The country is actually a great place for digital nomads to reside and work for a full year.

Who is eligible to apply for Barbados's digital nomad visa?

To be eligible for a digital nomad visa to Barbados, you must:

  • Show that you have a steady income flow.
  • Show that you truly work remotely.
  • Present evidence of valid health insurance.


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Mexico Remote Work Visa

Mexico has always been a perfect location for digital nomads for it's amazing weather, beautiful locations and affordable cost of living. There is no digital nomad visa per se in Mexico, but there is a visa called “no lucrativo” (non-lucrative) which is especially for entrepreneurs, individuals, retirees, and digital nomads who can prove that they can financially support themselves by living in Mexico. This visa allows you to live and work online in Mexico for a year. You can renew the visa up to 3 times (and stay up to 4 years in total) and in the third year, you are be eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa.

Who can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico?

  • Proof that you are earning from a company outside the country
  • provide documents proving that you had a monthly income of over $1,620 USD over the last 6 months or a bank account balance of over $27,000.


Enjoy Croatia as Digital Nomad
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Temporary Stay Visa in Croatia

Croatia is a country with a rich cultural tradition, captivating countryside, and an island-speckled coastline. At the beginning of 2021, Croatia started to give remote workers temporary stay visas. This visa type permits the digital nomads to live and work in the country for a period of one year.

Who is eligible to apply for a Croatia temporary stay visa?

To be granted the Croatia digital nomad visa, below are the requirements that you must meet:

  • Present evidence of remote work employment or self-employment evidence.
  • Show proof that you are not an ex-convict in your country of origin.
  • Show proof that you have accommodation in Croatia.
  • Prove that you are capable of supporting yourself financially. You're required to be earning not less than ~$32,800 USD annually.
  • Present proof of health and travel insurance for the period that you intend to stay.
  • Pay a ~$95 USD application fee.


As Digital Nomad in Estonia
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Digital Nomad Visa in Estonia

To transform Estonia into real estate, the Estonia government has a digital nomad initiative. The visa permits travellers to work in the country remotely and legally for one year.

Who is eligible to apply for Estonia's digital nomad visa?

To be eligible for Estonia digital nomad visa, below are the following requirements that you must meet:

  • Ability to use telecommunication software to work remotely.
  • You do freelance jobs for mostly clients outside Estonia, employed by non-Estonia companies, or have a business that's registered abroad.
  • Ability to work independently of location.

Keep in mind that you'll be required to pay taxes to the Estonia government once you are granted a digital nomad visa.


Freelance Visa in Germany
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Freelance Visa in Germany

The Germany Freelance Visa is also known as the Freiberufer Visa which permits you to live and work in the country. This visa has been around for many years, and it is highly sought after by digital nomads. You will have to pay tax to the German government if you are eligible for this visa type.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Germany's Freelance Visa?

Before you will be offered Germany freelance visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a liberal freelance career, if you're a freelancer such as a copywriter, graphics designer, web developer. This career path must have a positive cultural influence.
  • Perform an in-person interview.
  • Meet specific financial requirements, like having a retirement plan if you are over 45 years.

However, it's important to keep in mind that the German Freelance Visa is first issued for three months. But you can get a residence permit once you are there, which will allow you to extend your German freelance visa up to three years.


Working as Digital Nomad in Iceland
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Remote Work Long-term Visa in Iceland

Iceland recently announced its long-term travel visa for remote workers. The country is actually a nice place to visit. It has cinematic landscapes, great skiing spots, and clean air.

Who is eligible to apply for an Iceland Remote Work Long-term Visa?

  • Have a location independent business, employed by a company outside Iceland, or self-employed.
  • Earn not less than 1,000,000 ISK (~$8,200 USD) monthly for an individual, and 1,300,000 ISK for couples.
  • Have travel and health insurance for your duration of stay.
  • Pay a ~$65 USD processing fee.


island on sea
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Malta's Nomad Residence Permit

If you are employed in another country, you can apply for the "Malta Nomad Residence Permit". This residency permit allows you to stay in Malta for one year while keeping your remote working contract with your employer. The permit can be renewed upon application at the discretion of Residency Malta.

If you want to stay in Malta for less than a year, you’ll be given a National Visa.

Who is eligible to apply for Malta's Nomad Residence Permit?

  • Work for a foreign employer, conduct business for a foreign company OR offer freelance or consulting services to foreign clients
  • You need a minimum monthly income of €2,700 (gross of tax)
  • Proof of travel/health insurance
  • Valid property rental or purchase agreement in Malta
  • Pass a background verification check

How to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Malta?

All forms and checklist you can find on this website. Here are roughly the steps you have to follow to apply successfully:

  • Fill out the N1 application form and the N4 General Data Protection Form
  • Add a signed and dated letter of intent, explaining your motivations for living to Malta and applying for the permit
  • Add additional paperwork: -- International Passport -- Employment contract and official tax documentation (where applicable) in case of employment -- Documentary evidence of all business owned in part or whole (where applicable) in case of selfemployment -- Documentary evidence of all freelance activities (where applicable) in case of freelance -- Europass CV -- Financial Statement -- Local/international health insurance policy -- Health declaration -- Proof of Accommodation
  • Pay the 300 EUR administrative fee and 300 EUR extra for each additional family member you intend to add
  • Wait for up to 30 days for the approval


Norway as Digital Nomad
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Norway's Independent Contractor Visa

With vibrant cultural life, a stirring landscape, and high-quality life, we can say that Norway is a great place. Norway recently announced the independent contractor Visa, which permits freelancers and remote workers to stay in the country for up to two years.

Who is eligible to apply for Norway's independent contractor visa?

  • Self-employed with a company or business outside Norway.
  • Have a gross yearly income of €35,719 (~$43,000 USD).
  • Have a contract with a client from Norway to work on a project.
  • Have a place to stay in Norway.
  • Show proof of your career qualification.
  • Take your application to any Norway embassy and pay a €600, or ~$725 USD processing fee.


train passing in between buildings in Portugal
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Digital Nomad Visa Portugal

There is no official Digital Nomad Visa or Remote Work Visa in Portugal, but there are two types of visas you can apply for to live as a Digital Nomad in Portugal: The "Temporary Stay Visa" and the " Residency Visa". The Temporary Stay Visa is valid for 1 year and can be renewed for an additional two years. In case you want to stay longer in Portugal, you can apply for the Residency Visa once you receive a Temporary Resident Visa.

Who is eligible to apply for Portugal's Digital Nomad Visa?

  • Prove that you have a monthly income of at least €635
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Comprehensive EU-wide health insurance; must be paid for in advance for 12 months;
  • Clean criminal record check

The application form can be found here:


As Digital Nomad in Dubai
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Dubai's Virtual Working Programme

Dubai offers a one-year virtual working programme that allows you to live and work in Dubai for one year.

Who is eligible to apply for Dubai's digital nomad visa?

Below are the few requirements that you need to meet to be eligible for Dubai's virtual working visa:

  • Have not less than $5,000 monthly income, you'll be required to present your last three months' bank statement.
  • Present evidence of employment with over one year contract.
  • Show health insurance that's accepted in Dubai.


Digital Nomad Visa in Georgia
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Digital Nomad Visa in Georgia

Georgia is gradually growing into a digital nomad hotspot. And one significant thing about the country is its inexpensive cost of living. If you desire to reside and work overseas for one full year, look no further than Georgia. Another significant thing is that the Georgia digital nomad visa is pretty easy to get.

Who is eligible to apply for Georgia digital nomad visa?

Before you'll be eligible for Georgia digital nomad visa, you’ll be required to:

  • Cover your cost of 14-days' quarantine once you arrive in the country.
  • Minimum $2.000 monthly income; or 24,000 USD bank balance
  • Proof financial ability to pay taxes while staying in the country.
  • Have travel insurance.
  • Present evidence of employment.


Digital Nomad Life in Thailand
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Thailand's Smart Visa / Digital Nomad Visa

The kingdom of Thailand has recently (Sept 2021) greenlighted the visa for wealthy global citicens and pensioners, and remote and local working professionals. This visa aimes at attracting wealthy foreigners and highly skilled professionals to help revive the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The visa will allow you to stay in the country up to 4 years with an automatic work permit.

Who is eligible to apply for a digital nomad visa in Thailand?

  • Show proof of employment contract with a foreign company or entity for minimum 6 months.
  • Present evidence of proof of qualifications and at least 5 years of work experience.
  • You're required to proof that you have US$80,000 of annual income over the past 2 years.
  • At least US$100,000 coverage of health insurance

Here you can read more about the visa for digital nomads in Thailand.


coconut tree near shoreline
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Mauritius' Premium Visa

If you want to work and live as a Digital Nomad the Premium Visa in Mauritius might be a good option for you. Once your application was accepted this visa allows you to stay and work in Mauritius a period of one year with an option to renew. The application is free of charge, and citizens of more than 110 countries are eligible to apply (you can find the list of countries on

Who can to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Mauritius?

  • Proof that your main place of business and/or source of income and profits will be outside Mauritius
  • Proof of long stay plans in Mauritius
  • Valid and sufficient travel and health insurance for the initial period; or proof funds

Find the latest information here:

List of other countries that offer digital nomads visas

  • Anguilla
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Bermuda
  • Costa Rica
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
  • Czech Republic

Which are the most budget-friendly Digital Nomad Visas?

Digital Nomad Visas can be very expensive and Digital Nomads often struggle finding a Visa that don't ask for $8,200 monthly income like Iceland, or $50,000 annually like Antigua and Barbuda. While these countries do this to be sure you have enough means to get by while in their territory, many DNs don’t have such funds yet!

That's why we list here the 5 most budget friendly countries, so you can start your DN adventure asap:


  • Proof of income: none
  • Application Fee: $0 - Free!


  • Proof of income: min. 600 EUR/month
  • Application Fee: 83 EUR Visa Fee + 72 EUR Resident Permit Fee


  • Proof of income: min. 1,620 USD/month; or 27,000 USD bank balance
  • Application Fee: ?


  • Proof of income: min. 2.000 USD/month; or 24,000 USD bank balance
  • Application Fee: ?


  • Proof of income: min. 2.700 EUR/month
  • Application Fee: 300 EUR

Final Thoughts

Digital nomad visa is your path to live and perform your digital nomad jobs abroad successfully. Because of the increase in the Digital nomad lifestyle, a lot of countries are now giving freelancers and remote workers the opportunity to come live and work in their country through the digital nomad visa scheme. If you are a freelancer or a remote worker looking to work abroad, take advantage of digital nomad visa to actualize your dream of living and working abroad. We believe the list of countries that offer digital nomad visas that we have provided in this guide will increase with time.

Ensure that you check regularly and begin your digital nomad life with the information that we have shared with you in this guide.