7 Recommended Destinations For Digital Nomads For These Upcoming Months

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Author: Andy Stofferis
Written by Andy Stofferis

One of the things that keep us motivated as digital nomads are exploring new communities while working. That's why we do it, we're itching to move again! Yet, the playing field has changed on a lot of counts; for instance, many of the most popular destinations for digital nomads are now viewed differently.

In the meantime, remote work and, especially, remote work from another country, has never been more viable than it is today! It all boils down to crossing the border and getting a visa.

In the current digital nomad landscape, what are the most suitable destinations for us? The upcoming months are going to be a busy time for us since there are a lot of hot and exciting nominees to keep an eye on!

Particularly since we're experiencing a rise in digital nomad visas worldwide and a rise in remote workers and expats settling in hotspots and hubs around the world. Check out what 2022 might look like for you as a digital nomad.


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The first one on our list is Indonesia, with a particular focus on a specific hotspot that has attracted many remote workers such as digital nomads. Of course, we're talking Bali. Would you like to know why this makes such a gem in the coming months? Just keep reading.

There aren't many places that are more iconoclastic for digital nomads than Bali. The place is like digital nomad heaven! In fact, it's so perfect it's almost too good to be true.

Stunning beaches and lush jungles, Instagramable cafés with high-speed Wi-Fi, luxury villas for great prices, and a culture that supports spiritual, physical, and professional growth. Bali is unique; traveling there is a dream.

However, what makes it the best is the people. All roads lead to Bali: from long-term wanderers to digital nomads, there's no avoiding it. There are nomads and expats, short-term and long-term, in Canggu, Kuta, and Ubud at any given time. You can chill out outside of Bali's most popular spots too!

Thinking of getting a visa? It's really not that difficult. People usually get a visa on arrival that lets them stay for up to a month or two, though they often have to get visas from nearby countries when theirs expires.

Recent rumors suggest that Indonesia might even be implementing a digital nomad visa. Living in paradise for a longer time sounds appealing, right?

If you take a closer look at Canggu, you'll see that it might be a great place for a digital nomad to settle. This location on the south coast of Bali has been attracting expats and locals alike for some time now and has now established itself as one of Asia's best-kept tourism secrets. Would you like a digital nomad experience that is different? Visit Canggu.

With its laid-back vibes, Canggu is popular amongst those seeking a quick break between work. There are a lot of surf breaks nearby that surfers like, and yoga enthusiasts love it too. Consider this if you're interested in working from the beach.

It also boasts a decent cost of living of $580 per month without rent, as well as an engaging community that promotes coworking. The places where you can do your most productive magic include Dojo, OutPost, and Tropical Nomad. The one downside of this great place is the high traffic, which might not be to everyone's taste.


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Specifically, we'll be looking at Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

There's a reason Thailand is so popular among digital nomads. Think you can guess it?

Definitely the food! Along with the crazy parties and the cheap prices! Is Thailand hard to fault?

Many beginners who are starting out on a budget will begin their backpacking journey here. It is also the first stop for many aspiring digital nomads who are just starting out.

Thailand really doesn't disappoint. Beautiful beaches and rolling mountains are juxtaposed with stunning temple scapes and dazzling rock formations. Behind them, busy cities glisten.

Then there's the community. Thailand is home to plenty of digital nomad hotspots with speedy WiFi and coworking spaces, similar to Bali.

Thailand offers a wide range of stunning landscapes, making it the perfect place to base yourself. Bangkok's Asian-brand metropolitan chaos is matched by Chiang Mai's nature oasis in the north, while the Thai islands in the south will turn you into a beach bum in no time.

Since we talked about metropolitan. Big city life more your style? Bangkok is also Thailand's capital city and one of Asia's largest cities, making it a favorite destination for digital nomads.

Party-goers can enjoy the lively nightlife after a hard day's work on their laptops. At night, you can find bars, clubs, karaoke venues, and other activities.

Cultural and mindfulness aspects are also key drivers of many digital nomads. Temples abound in the city, over 100. You can admire the architecture and artwork along with the Buddhist statues. It is worth seeing if you're a history buff on your trip.

A living cost of $590 per month, excluding rent, makes it affordable for a metropolitan city. There are several coworking spaces you can find: Spaces, Hubba, WeWork.

Let's see, what makes Thailand so great on this list and what might make it unviable for others? The affordable housing and large expat community are what you'll be after, but big city life comes with poor air quality and traffic, something you should look into if that's a concern.


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A rumor has it that Ho Chi Minh City is the next place you'll want to be a digital nomad. But why?

Did you know? With its ideal weather and cheap prices, Vietnam attracted the first crowd of remote workers. And when it offered scrumptious food, a rich history, friendly communities, and diverse adventures, it won them over. Vietnamese culture is diverse and iconic.

But there is also that question that's on every digital nomad's lips. What about the internet? You'll be pleased to learn that internet service in Vietnam is excellent. During your stay in Vietnam, get settled in, and keep drilling during the day. You can end your night with a street food banquet and a good food coma!

As well as Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hanoi is also a great destination for digital nomads, particularly for English teachers. As in other metropolitan cities, both of these are overcrowded urban jungles.

But if you're in the mood for more peace and quiet, Hoi An and Da Nang are excellent options. Vietnamese beaches and mountains are both fantastic.

Since each of these destinations is able to cater to the digital nomad's needs, what should we wait for? Perhaps the visa scheme. Another excellent feature of the Vietnamese visa scheme. In contrast to Thailand, the process of getting a long-term visa in Vietnam is easier. You can even get a visa that lasts up to a year!

Cape Verde

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It was probably no one's expectation that these tiny islands off the continent would be a serious contender. But here we are.

If you've ever longed to visit Caribbean islands but decided they were just too far, Cape Verde is an excellent alternative: it is more accessible for Europeans with the same landscape of white-sand beaches framed by palm trees. The perfect chill spot.

A brand-new visa scheme has been launched in Cap Verde, which might make it an ideal location for digital nomads looking for a laid-back island lifestyle. You can live in Cape Verde for six months and then extend it for another six months to feel like you've really settled in.

Internet connection? Sure. Besides all those tropical delights, Cape Verde has excellent WiFi throughout the country and unsurpassed hospitality. The island group makes this one of its main selling points, so it's a plus if you want to feel like a local rather than just some expat twit living in a gated community. It could be a good idea to head to Cape Verde if you're equally serious about work and peace and quiet.


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It is no secret that Southeast Asia is the number one destination for digital nomads. Malaysia has all the amenities you need: breathtaking nature, space-age metropolis, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts at a low low price! It's amazing that the digital nomad community has not discovered Malaysia sooner!

In addition to its amazing connectivity, Malaysia is a great backpacking destination. Kuala Lumpur has fantastic connections to other Southeast Asian backpacking destinations and it's easy to get to Europe or America even if you book your tickets the day before.

Capital cities are the best places to start a business. Despite its dullness, Kuala Lumpur is a magnet for expats and international workers, as well as a growing community of remote workers. Kuala Lumpur provides excellent living conditions in Southeast Asia because English is widely spoken and the internet speed is excellent.

You can also stay in Penang, famous for its street art; Langkawi, a great diving location; and Malacca, one of Malaysia's most popular cities.

Here are some pros that digital nomads can enjoy:

Excellent aromas and rich flavors characterize the cuisine. With its diverse culture and year-round festivals, even the fussiest traveler will find something to enjoy. Among its many outstanding international travel destinations, Malaysia has a lot of beaches where you can relax. Plus, it has an affordable cost of living.

It has some downsides too just like any jewel. Here are the 3 most notable ones: the climate is very humid with a variety of wet seasons across the country, and alcohol can be costly. If this is something you want to do in your free time, be sure to do some research on it first.

The Caribbean

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Present political conditions make it one of the prime places to be a digital nomad. Enjoy the sunshine in a sweet, cozy, tropical area.

The Caribbeans are one of the few countries or islands with digital nomad visas as of February 2021. Bermuda, The Bahamas, Antigua & Barbuda, Aguilla, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, and Curacao are included.

Although Caribbean island nations have never been a major blip on digital nomad radars due to high living costs and remoteness, now they are offering official digital nomad visas, making all of us a huge favor. Sun, rum, and pirates instead of snow, rain, and cold may be your best bet!

Certainly, some digital nomads don't want to spend a lot of money in the Caribbean. Diverse tropical island destinations offer an abundance of cool activities like diving, sailing, and surfing, but all of these activities come at a price. Plus, beach life can get kinda dull after a while: laid-back island life isn't for everyone.

In the end, if you dreamt of working and writing emails from a hammock with a coconut next to you, the time is right. Additionally, you can get a good deal on a beachfront vacation rental in Barbados. Potentially, you can stay for a whole year on the new digital nomad visas!


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Digital nomads, freelancers, and expats all find Germany a desirable destination. You can find plenty of opportunities in this beautiful country, whether you are looking to launch a business or just explore its beautiful cities.

Every type of traveler will find something to enjoy. Mountain lovers can make the best of their time in the Bavarian Alps. Hamburg is one of the country's many striking ports for those who love the sea, and Berlin is a great place for those who like bustling cities. You can find inexpensive beer, tasty food, and rich culture in Germany.

We can draw both positive and negative attributes from it. It is worthwhile to weigh the pros and cons of visiting the European hub.

Pros that will convince most digital nomads to choose this destination in the months to come to include the incredible number of foreigners and expats that gather here in the remote communities, as well as the safe and clean environment, and the friendly locals. You can do so many things as a digital nomad unless you're too busy to do anything but work for a couple of hours. Getting around is easy thanks to efficient and quick public transportation, and you should since there is a lively nightlife and party culture. Lastly, there are numerous bilingual co-working offices.

A few things might stop some digital nomads from making this their destination, including the expensive cost of living in certain areas, a lack of English spoken outside of the major cities, and the culture shock associated with being a foreigner in this country.

Since you have come to this point, let us give you some tips on the best (rumored) coworking places in different German cities, starting with Berlin. Betahaus is ideal for digital nomads working in Berlin. Their office space includes many desks, offices, as well as free yoga classes! Located in the center of Cologne, CoWork-Lab provides super-fast network access! Remote workers have a nice community and everything they need from desks to offices. Based in a central Munich location, Base Coworking offers more than 500 square meters for your creativity.

The Verdict

A good internet access and great facilities are the top priorities when picking a country. But you also have to consider the time zone. Even though the idea of working from Tokyo may be appealing, you'll likely work past your bedtime if your company runs on London hours. Therefore, make sure you take that into consideration when signing up for your next adventure.

In this year, we should all take the plunge and visit those great places for digital nomads that we've been longing to visit. Make one of these destinations your ultimate goal, get as prepared as you can, and make the most of your time there.