Posted 24 Feb 2023, 5:11 pm

Web3 Full stack Engineer at Magna

Sorry, but this job listing has expired!

About Magna

Magna’s goal is to be the one-stop solution for all token-based crypto companies who want to track outstanding and promised token allocations, automate the distribution of those tokens, and manage information about their stakeholders. Some liken us to “Carta for Web3”.
Our mission is to make it easier for crypto companies to manage their tokens and tokenholders so that they can focus on their product and not custom internal tools and smart contracts as they scale. We work with projects of all sizes throughout various L1 & L2 ecosystems.
Tokens are amongst the core assets crypto companies use to compensate and incentivize investors, employees, advisors, and even community members. The most common use cases for Magna include:

  • Token Vesting to employees and investors - Automated token distribution based on custom unlock schedules.
  • Token Streaming - Continuous distribution of tokens to stakeholders.
  • Airdrops - Vested airdrops to community members.
  • Programmable Unlocks – Distributing tokens using our SDK based on contract interactions or in-app/in-game accomplishments.
  • Stakeholder Management – Tracking tax liability and legal filings for tokenholders and more.
Magna’s platform is used by investors, employees, accountants, lawyers, and other key stakeholders throughout the crypto ecosystem.

Why work at Magna?

  • We’re a highly technical team
  • We love the openness and transparency of web3, but we’re working in the space because of the deep technical challenges that reward builders.
  • The blockchain isn’t just a distributed ledger anymore, it’s a distributed state machine. At Magna, we’re not just building a new paradigm of software — we’re also trying to leverage the best of web2 while we’re at it. It’s amazing fun if you’re a developer who’s new to web3 and able to appreciate a lot of beautiful technical-first design decisions for the first time. (Have you ever tried to match a CUSIP number before?? It’s painful.)
  • We’re a well-funded company with runway that can last us through the bear market
  • A downtown NYC office with our own rooftop – We have a 3,300 sqft office in Soho, with a private roof. We operate on a hybrid model, where most employees come in a couple of times per week.
  • Hardware — Whatever you need to get things done, plus a stipend to set up your home office.
  • Learning budget — Buy courses and attend conferences or hackathons.
  • Monthly Wellness Stipend — Take care of yourself, whatever that means for you!
  • Unlimited Vacation — Take time off when you need it - 2 week minimum.
  • Top-notch healthcare plans — We offer the best available platinum PPO and other similar plans that give you the most options with the lowest deductibles.
  • Ability to take ownership and build out functions within your department

About the Role

Build the future of token operations with us by designing and implementing software architecture that scales. We’re looking for someone comfortable going from zero-to-one and rapidly iterating on projects while making carefully calculated decisions.

What you’ll do

  • Work on the forefront of token distribution technology at the infrastructure level and solve edge-cases around token distribution
  • Build polished dApps responsible for tokens worth millions of dollars
  • Where appropriate, ensure code modularity in the code written by the team through peer code-reviews, to increase our team’s velocity and make our code infrastructure more scalable
  • Write tests to make sure that things work when we ship them. If our users can’t use the app, they can’t get paid!

What we’re looking for

  • Professional experience working on dApps and integrating pre-written smart contracts into dApps - please note that this is a hard requirement
  • Knowledge of how smart contracts work, Ethereum signatures, wallet connections, and transaction signing/execution
  • Strong experience with web3 libraries such as web3.js, ethers.js, wagmi.
  • Experience working with data-intensive applications, or apps used by tens of thousands of users
  • Comfortable working in sprint cycles and willing to bite the bullet when critical issues pop up
  • Familiarity with our tech stack

Magna’s Tech Stack

Magna is a multi-chain dApp, and our stack includes TypeScript, Next.js, React and GraphQL, as well as the native languages for various blockchains (i.e. Solidity, Rust, Move).
Experience with any of these is nice to have, but not a requirement:
  • DevOps, infrastructure, or data analytics experience
  • Applications where security and integrity is extremely important (finance, fintech, government, etc.)

Reasons you might be the right candidate for this role:

  • Curiosity — keeping up with advancements and best practices in web3 can be tiring, but you try anyways!
  • Passion for engineering — genuine passion and curiosity for the craft that you bring to work each day
  • Good taste — you think critically about how you build what you build, and apply good judgment to every design and implementation decision along the way.

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