Productivity Dysmorphia and How to Recognize Your Own Successes

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Author: Andy Stofferis
Written by Andy Stofferis

Podcaster Anna Codrea-Rado recently coined the term ‘productivity dysmorphia’. It describes that feeling you get that you’re not enough – that you haven’t done enough or achieved enough – and that you’re generally not as productive as you should be.

Realising that you’re in a state of ‘productivity dysmorphia’ is the first stage to learning how to deal with it.

How to recognize productivity dysmorphia in yourself

If you’ve been feeling that you haven’t achieved as much as others in your life, that your talents, skills and qualifications aren’t as good as other people’s, or that you generally aren’t achieving any form of success in your life – then you could be suffering from productivity dysmorphia. It’s important to realise when you’ve reached a stage of feeling burned-out from too much work and mental exhaustion as it can be bad for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Tips for dealing with burnout, productivity dysmorphia and how to achieve better balance

There are things that you can incorporate into your daily life to help create a better sense of balance and wellness in your life. Here are some ideas:

Take a break

Be organised and have a to-do list

Be time-efficient

Go on vacation

Connect with friends and see people in-person


Rethink your notion of productivity and success

Celebrate your successes

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