New and Emerging Post-pandemic Travel Trends

Author: Andy Stofferis
Written by Andy Stofferis

While the pandemic may seem to be coming to an end, several new and emerging travel trends are already showing how the consumer preferences and demands have changed. These include people wanting more escapes to enjoy nature and wilderness areas, more nomadic escapes and journeys (like in RVs or campervans), a rise in eco-friendly and sustainable travel, the quest to find wellness opportunities and retreats that nurture the soul, more immersive and authentic travel that benefits and connects with local communities, and more mindful and co-working focused travel.

Apart from the tourist industry, the pandemic transformed the digital nomad lifestyle. Here are some insights:

  • Travel may get more expensive.
  • More people will be doing the same thing.
  • Digital nomad hangouts are getting crowded and more expensive. This can make these places seem more crowded and can also push up prices, and affect availability of accommodation and coworking spaces.
  • More countries offer remote work and digital nomad visas and incentives.
  • More jobs for digital nomads, but also more competition.

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