How to Succeed in Your Remote Job Interview

Author: Andy Stofferis
Written by Andy Stofferis

Online interviews are becoming the norm when it comes to remote jobs and remote workers need to master the skills needed to succeed in job interviews.

The interview process starts from the minute you submit your application. You need to make sure that you write a great cover letter and resume: they should both be adapted for the position you’re applying for and highlight the skills the employer is looking for.

Secondly, reply timeously and appropriately to any requests for further information, as they will also be evaluating you on how and when you respond.

As the next step, prepare for the interview by getting to know about the company, where it operates and what work they’re involved in and by testing your laptop before the interview starts to avoid situations where your mic won’t work or you have a poor internet connection. And don't forget - first impressions do last, so dress up professionally. This will show the potential employer that you take the interview opportunity seriously.

These were just some ideas on what to do before the interview. Of course we prepared many more useful tips for you: read the full guide on how to impress the interviewers and get your dream job. Good luck!