Deep Work: How to Excel in an Increasingly Distracted World

Author: Andy Stofferis
Written by Andy Stofferis

Whether you work in an office or remotely, it seems that the number of distractions that we face in our daily lives is only increasing every day. As improved technology and continued innovation – particularly in the software space – has given us countless tools to use to boost our productivity and stay connected with each other, it has also perhaps provided too many options.

The study found that workers are not doing value-added work for most of the work week, the role-specific tasks account for only 39% of the average week of an employee. How do we excel in an increasingly distracted world then? This is where the concept of “deep work” comes in.

Deep work refers to the ability to work in a “deep” or highly focused state that lasts for a long period of time without any distraction or interruption.

To begin to do deep work you first may need to learn how to practice deep work. The following strategies will help you:

Choose a strategy

Build a deep work routine

Make a radical change

Collaboration with others

Be disciplined

Prioritize downtime

Make focus your default mode

Add time pressure

Allow for deep thinking

Practice memory games

Eliminate Digital Distractions

Purge Shallow Work from Your Life

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