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Chief Operating Officer at Offerpump

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Becoming the best version of ourselves and staying ahead of the market is what we do daily. We constantly strive to excel and lead the market by developing cutting-edge tech systems and leveraging data to find paying customers, particularly those seeking erotic conversations and entertainment. This playing field is global and constantly evolving. We are constantly on the move, fully remote, across multiple continents: a constant challenge.

As a remote company with diverse global entities handling various functions of our ecosystem, you will guide departments and further structure the company into the right direction. You'll drive our mindset, processes, and systems, ensuring continuous evolution. You will set goals on the horizon, working with departments to achieve milestones, and making sure that the company stays ahead are your priorities, all while avoiding micromanagement.

It is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that what needs to happen and what has been agreed upon occurs without becoming a micromanager down to the smallest detail.

What will you primarily do?

● Determine long-term plans in collaboration with shareholders and other leaders in the organization.

● Translate (long-term) plans into specific, actionable actions for domains, teams, and individuals.

● Design and further develop policies, structures, processes, and manuals.

● Hold people accountable: link individuals to processes, not the other way around.

● Ensure that what has been agreed upon is completed.

● Take responsibility for using the right tools and systems.

● Establish, improve, and lead meeting structures as needed.

● Identify and delegate improvement projects for execution.

● Enhance the problem-solving ability of teams.

● Establish and monitor the correct team structures (roles, responsibilities, collaborations).

● Manage and develop your direct reports (department/domain heads).

● Improve the reporting structure of the various domains.

● Day-to-day problem solving: extinguishing fires but mainly preventing them.

● Coordinate with owners on adjustments, slowdowns, and accelerations.

What will you achieve in the first year?

● Core processes defined, elaborated, rolled out, and continuously developed.

● You have understood and fully embraced the organizational structure.

● Goals set on an annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis for all teams and the organization as a whole.

● Meeting rhythm aligned and established accordingly.

● A system in place where everyone takes accountability for their own role.

● Visionary founder Ben can confidently spend approximately 2 days a week on the business, devoting the rest of his time to other priorities.

What can you excel at (competencies)?

CALMNESS: Effectively performing under time pressure, setbacks, disappointment, or opposition, reacting calmly and proportionately to the importance of the matter.

PERSISTENCE: Not allowing setbacks to deter you. Continuing until the goal is achieved.

LEADERSHIP (GROUP): Providing direction and guidance to a group; encouraging, establishing, and maintaining collaborations to achieve a desired goal. Setting an example for others.

FLEXIBILITY: If problems or opportunities arise, be prepared to change your own behavior to achieve a stated goal.

CONCEPTUAL THINKING: Gaining a broader or deeper understanding of problems or situations by placing them in a more comprehensive framework or by establishing connections with other information.

LEARNING ORIENTATION: Showing interest in new information, absorbing it, and effectively applying it. Continuously wanting to learn and develop oneself and others.

What experience do you bring?

● You have previously successfully held the role of COO or a similar position in a rapidly growing company.

● You are familiar with the world we operate in, for example, from online gaming, dating, eroticism, and/or affiliate marketing.

● You have experienced and led rapid growth, making you unflappable about the plan to responsibly grow to >60 FTE colleagues (currently: 20 full-timers and +60 part-time freelancers, with various backgrounds and nationalities).

● Remote working: you are well-versed in many systems and tools to effectively manage it.

● Rolling out OKRs and KPIs is second nature to you.

● You can provide examples of how you have truly empowered others to take responsibility for their roles.

● You find the role of "second-in-command" to be the only truly enjoyable position in an organization and fully embrace it.

Core Values / Good to Know

We are a unique group of companies, and you must be willing to fully understand and embrace this. The company is growing and thinking globally. Be prepared to let go of your old truths in business thinking and apply your experience in a new mold. Therefore, please read the attachments to this job description/scorecard carefully. 

In addition, we value it if you find recognition in our culture:

Added Value: Always looking for ways to increase value.

Constructive: Critical, with the aim of making something better.

Responsibility: Taking ownership of your part.

Accountability: Do what is needed to get it done. 

Self-Improvement: Not afraid to look in the mirror.

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