Posted 10 Mar 2022, 1:00 am

Fullstack Engineer UI UX at Smallstep

Certificates power modern software. Kubernetes, service meshes, containers, microservices, distributed databases & queues, configuration management & orchestration systems, BeyondCorp proxies, and secure software supply chains all use certificates. Organizations running modern infrastructure make extensive use of certificates, whether they’re aware of it or not. Smallstep builds an opinionated, extensible platform for DevSecOps public key infrastructure (PKI). With it, engineers can easily manage private TLS/SSL or SSH certificates for all their internal workloads and developers.

Smallstep is a nimble deep-tech startup of seasoned experts In San Francisco. We are looking for a UI/UX engineer who can dabble in fullstack API development (e.g., to unblock themselves when minor API tweaks are necessary) and who is interested in building infrastructure tools with exceptional developer experience. You’ll be responsible to build out step’s user interface and prototype new products with the goal to increase the ease-of-use of PKI & mTLS for a broader audience. This position is ideally in San Francisco but we encourage remote applicants. 

Smallstep is a remote-first company, we work reasonable, flexible hours. We look for people who are thoughtful, can break down problems, and often work individually. You are trusted to work on your own and to ask for help when blocked. As a startup, smallstep teams get the benefit of working across many areas and contributing directly to the success of the organization. Smallstep is well-funded and backed by Accel,, Bain Capital, and upside partnership.

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