Posted 25 Oct 2022, 8:05 am

Marketing Generalist at Megaverse

Sorry, but this job listing has expired!

🌆Your responsibilities

You will be our first marketing hire. As our first marketing hire you will be responsible for defining, implementing, and scaling an entire marketing strategy.

You will be in charge of marketing an 18+ product in the adult entertainment space (Onlyfans alike platform).

🥳You will have the opportunity to work on other projects. To learn more about what we want to accomplish, make sure to read more about our vision.

Let’s dig into more detail on what your first months will look like.

👉Help us reach product market fit

We are still in the works of finding a product-market fit with the product you will be working on at the start. You will actively collaborate to reach product market fit.

This means you will help us out with

  • Optimizing customer journeys & funnels
  • Gathering customer feedback and gaining insights into user behavior through analytics tools
  • Benchmarking customer segment

👉Defining strategy

We are small (but brave 🛡️!) and limited in resources. This means it is important having a strategy that gets us the maximum return with the least effort.

Due to the nature of the project, you will need to be able to think outside the box because not all traditional marketing strategies work in this industry.

A definition of our ideal strategy is needed. While we already created a basic foundation your job will be to refine and battle-test this strategy. Step by step we will be scaling up our marketing efforts and implementing your defined strategy.

👉Brand positioning & consistency

When communicating a brand should be consistent. We want you to guard the cross-channel brand consistency.


Growth is needed at the point that we found product market fit. You will be managing growth in different areas:

  • Brand awareness
    • People should know we exist
  • Sales & conversions
    • Optimizing for more sales & conversions
  • Team
    • We know you are good, but you cannot do everything. The goal is to scale beyond yourself and this is why you will be hiring experts in more defined jobs.

👑 Who are we looking for?


We need you to have broad experience. You know what tools and techniques are available (not necessarily master them all) in the marketer's toolbox. You are a jack of all trades and love variation in your job.

💪Can-do mentality!

There are no problems, only opportunities! You see solutions, not problems. If there is a problem you will be the first to jump in and take on the challenge.

🇪🇺European timezone

We will need you to be within a European time zone.


Working remotely means that you will have to work independently and figure things out on your own. You know how to solve problems and figure things out.


We are a tech company, so we need people passionate about technology. You love to dig deeper into new technology and keep up with new marketing tech or new products that appear.

📘Eager to learn

We are aware that you will not know everything. We don’t either. You are comfortable with exploring and learnings new things. You are aware that knowledge contributes to personal growth.


You get triggered by challenges and like to prove what you can do. You get motivated by big challenges and you have a winning attitude.

🛣️You want a journey, not a 9-5 job

You are not looking for a 9-5 job. You are looking for an opportunity where you can shine and contribute in a meaningful way.

🛠️Your Skillset

As we are looking for generalists you will have basic knowledge of the following topics:

  • Performance marketing / paid ads
    • Creatives → funnels → Measuring (CPA/CTR) is natural to you
    • You know how to set up and optimize campaigns
  • Social media marketing
    • Aware of the different platforms and strategies used on these platforms
  • On-page marketing
    • Optimizing user flows & funnels
    • Analyzing user behavior
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Search Engine Optimisation & content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

🌍 Who are we?

Megaverse is an early-stage startup company, focused on creating software for the entertainment industry. We are 100% remote with people across many time zones. We are profitable and fully bootstrapped.

📜Our Offer

  • Remote work: Time is valuable, why would you spend time commuting? We believe in choosing our own working hours. Flexibility is needed in a world that gets more complex day by day.
  • Company retreat: Be prepared to travel twice a year for a team-building get-together with the Megaverse Team. This is to put names on the faces of all your internet superhero colleagues!
  • Supported tools to help you grow: We will make sure you get all the tools needed in order to grow and get things done.
  • Salary: Is competitive in the industry and can be adjusted to your skillset.
  • Time off: You get 35 paid days off / year (this included public holidays)

🙋How to Apply?

Send an email to containing the following details:

  • A personal introduction
  • Listed experience working remotely
  • Attached CV describing your previous work
  • Salary Expectation (we are working with monthly fixed rates)

Applications not containing the above information will be ignored

⚠️ We work directly with employees or freelancers. We do not hire via agencies or other staffing companies.

Please mention the word **CHEERFUL** and tag RMTk1LjIwLjI0MS40OQ== when applying to show you read the job post completely (#RMTk1LjIwLjI0MS40OQ==). This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.

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