Posted 22 Mar 2022, 7:00 am

DevOps Engineer I & II at DrChrono

Please note-- This position is only open to candidates who are based in LATAM or the Philippines

We believe that diversity is the building block of a great culture and company! Great healthcare technology is meant for everyone, so we believe our company should be, too. We welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds and walks of life to apply!

Our mission is to build a technology platform that enables medical practices of all sizes to make care more informed, more personalized, more interactive, and more adaptable. Our platform has been used by thousands of physicians who in turn have provided care to millions of patients.

Learn more about our team and life at DrChrono here.

A little about DrChrono: ✅ We serve tens of thousands of healthcare providers and over 32+ million patients 🩺 ✅ DrChrono was the first EHR to build a native app for the iPad and iPhone 📱 ✅ First mobile and cloud-based ambulatory EHR / EMR to be an Apple Mobility Partner ✅ The youngest company to be included in the US Government Precision Medicine Initiative ✅ The #1 EHR as voted by doctors, and the #1 mobile EHR as voted by Black Book for the last 9 years! 🔥 ✅ We were just awarded the MedTech Breakthrough Award 2021 for Best Electronic Health Record Service 🏆🎉 ✅ 2021 DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in Healthcare 😎 ✅ During Apple's recent worldwide developer conference, it was announced that DrChrono will be among the first to support iOS 15 feature allowing patients to share Apple Health App data with providers! 🤩

Our products can be completely tailored to any medical practice—small, large, enterprise, or specialty—and are open to third-party innovation via a robust API.

Our people and the enthusiasm for healthcare are contagious. We’re one of the most tech-forward healthcare players in the EHR industry and our philosophy “more time with patients, less time doing paperwork” drives constant innovation throughout the company.

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