Posted 11 Apr 2022, 6:59 pm

Design Director at UX Cabin

Sorry, but this job listing has expired!

About UX Cabin

At UX Cabin, we're a 100% remote, global, product design company that mainly works on mobile and web apps for B2B Companies. We've got teammates everywhere from 🇳🇬 Nigeria to 🇷🇸 Serbia to 🇺🇸  Utah, California, and Ohio.

Current Company Outlook

  • 🚀 We’ve been growing rapidly over the past 3 years. Quadrupled in 2020, doubled in 2021. Looking to grow by 50% this year.
  • 👩‍💻 Currently, we have ~20 people on our team. A few front-end folks, marketing, and PM but the majority are designers.
  • 🚰 We have a ton of work in the pipeline and even more leads we could chase if we had a dedicated design director.
  • We are profitable and growing. We want to start building our own products to reduce the amount of dependence on service-based revenue. And man, do we have some killer ideas we need help with.


  • Health Insurance
  • 401k
  • 100% remote
  • Computer
  • Friday lunch & learns

Our Primary tools:

  • Figma
  • Slack
  • Notion
  • Loom

The Design Director

As a design director, your main job will be coaching, reviewing, and overseeing work across various projects within the b2b space. 

Note from our Founder & CEO:

Hi, I'm Seth! I'm looking for someone to be my sidekick & co-pilot to help sustainably take the company to the next level. If you've helped grow and mature design teams in an agency context, this job might be the perfect opportunity for you. 


  • Coaching the team on design principles, UX best practices, UI patterns, technical knowledge (Figma), and soft skills.
  • Ability to jump in and help contribute / coach on any design-related project. You know Figma like the back of your hand and can jump in and finish out a project if need be, or coach a younger designer on how to do technical tasks.
  • Shoulder the responsibility for the quality and completion of all design-related work.
  • Report progress of projects at major stages of their conception, creation, and execution.
  • Anticipate problems that may impede a project from completing on time and implement solutions.
  • Remain actively involved in hiring and training creative staff.
  • Review work, troubleshoot, and provide feedback to creative teams.
  • Ensure our team always looks like rockstars when presenting work or meeting with clients.
  • Forecast resources and project timelines. You’ll have knowledge of all projects, who’s on them, and where to put people if changes are necessary.

Might be a good fit if...

  • You've led large design teams while juggling multiple projects.
  • You know how to handle client requests, and translate them into designer language.
  • You're familiar with agency life and thrive in jumping between projects and getting things lined up for success.
  • You know how to take any project, size it up, estimate it, and task it out to the appropriate team member.
  • You're pragmatic and know how to balance getting the project done on time while making sure it looks amazing
  • You're a leader that the team will respect and look up to. Willing to be in the trenches with the designers, but also the ability to hobnob with clients and speak their language.


  • You have a large network that you can leverage to bring in additional designers or bring in additional work.

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