Posted 4 Apr 2022, 7:00 pm

Google Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Pelmorex

Do you want to be a part of an organization that:

  • gives back to the community
  • has leadership that inspires, coaches and mentors
  • allows you to speak up and be heard
  • AND ... likes to have FUN?

What about tech? Cutting edge solutions? Big Data and AI? Pelmorex has all of that covered!  

Founded in 1989, Pelmorex has become an international weather information and data management company. We own and operate the popular weather brands: The Weather Network, MeteoMedia,, Clima and  We also operate the National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination (NAAD) System, which is the technical backbone of Alert Ready, Canada's Emergency Alerting System.

Pelmorex Advertising platforms participate in real-time bidding auctions for advertising in combination with massive data processing to make decisions with very low latency. This role is to both manage and continually improve existing infrastructure and complex software architectures from real time systems to data lakes that span our hybrid on-premise/cloud (GCP) footprint. Our goal is to maximize business value while continually improving efficiency, cost and security. This role is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to leave their mark in achieving those goals. The role is a critical part of driving the future growth of the business and will be a major influence in processes and solutions that are adopted.

Our Promise to you…

We’re highly focused on doing the right thing. We’ll discuss issues and timelines professionally, so you have the time you need to do the best work you can You will see the result of your work pushed out to real users quickly We’re a team that enjoys learning new technologies and we’re open to trying new things We’ll try our best not to bog you down with boring meetings

Through constant innovation and entrepreneurship, Pelmorex has grown to reach consumers around the globe, has become one of the largest weather information providers and has broken new ground in providing data solutions and insights to businesses. Through harnessing the value of weather, Pelmorex is driven to make the world smarter and safer for consumers and businesses.  #youwanttoworkhere

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