Posted 5 Apr 2022, 4:14 pm

Product Strategist at Modus Create

Experience Level: Senior

We're looking for an Aha! Expert with solid Product Management experience. Are you obsessed with building great products? Do you love product strategy and product planning using Aha!? Then keep reading.

You’ll be part of the Modus Create Product Strategy team. As a consulting company, modus has achieved key partnership recognitions including Atlassian Platinum, AWS Select, and of course, Aha! You’ll be a specialist inside the Product Strategy team which is focused on driving real outcomes for different companies. Modus teams consult with our clients to discover and align on product goals and visions, understand problems, and ideate on solutions In your day-to-day client work, you will regularly interact with the client’s product team.

This position focuses on performing Aha! customizations, setup and roadmap report generation. These will often happen in the context of shorter engagements, but you may do some ongoing work for an existing client to support their product practice with an eye to Aha! You’ll have the following responsibilities for these short term strategy projects:

Assess Needs Surrounding Aha!

You will want to get a picture of their product management processes and strategy and how this might be best adapted or configured to Aha! You will look to get an understanding of external apps that could be or should be integrated with Aha! This includes issue tracking software like Jira or anything else that could bridge into Aha! You are equally comfortable talking to C-suite or key stakeholders and understand what kinds of reports and roadmaps are meaningful to them. You are experienced with the change management required to implement new tools and processes. You can translate your implementation plan into training and are skilled at facilitating a workshop/training session to encourage adoption.

Administer Aha!

You feel very comfortable working in Aha! You have 2 years of consulting experience working with Aha! and as a bonus, are Aha! certified. You are adept at organizing epics and features, setting releases, customizing roadmaps and reports. You understand how issue tracking integrations work and are able to navigate the gotchas to ensure live roadmaps show the true status of work in progress. You are familiar with the ideas portal and how to set it up and configure it.

Real-World Product Management

You have a minimum of 4-6 years of experience performing the day-to-day work of an Agile Product Manager. You have a high proficiency in technical or business acumen and excel at managing across the largest and most complex engagements. You are self-organized and comfortable taking the lead and guiding by example. You have experience leading consulting engagements. You have a good understanding of a Scaled Agile framework and (as a bonus) are certified in SAFe®

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