Posted 17 Sept 2021, 9:58 am

Senior Product Designer at Germinal

Sorry, but this job listing has expired!

What we want to accomplish

This offer is for a Germinal spin off. We've raised a 4 millions euros seed phase with the best european and american VCs. The company will be launched the 1st of October.

We help people creating teaching materials, make addictive training program for their users.

What we solve : people usually buy 3 online courses on a spree, then they never consume the content. 😴

Something is broken and we want to fix it.

We find the existing products like Youtube or Udemy are not made for action but for inaction. 🥱

We believe in doing, they believe in watching.

Only 3% of online courses are completed by students. We want to reach 90%+ completion.

Our product enhances any content creators materials. So their users actually act on them and become better persons.

Remember people learn by doing, not by staying 2 hours in front of a video. 📺

The market we target is huge, our impact will be even greater.

This is the perfect time to help build a product and take the trajectory you want for your personal growth.

Your goal

As a core member of the product team, you will partner with the Lead PM, the engineering Team and your fellow designer to build a product that will deliver an outstanding learning experience for our users and maximise the impact on their projects.

You will be the go-to expert when it comes to UI, flows and user research, raising the bar constantly and taking user experience to a whole new level. The role is both strategic, collaborative and very hands-on as we need to have a deep understanding of our users and also work on quick iterations on the product.

Core Responsibilities

  • Structure (with the Lead PM) the discovery process to identify key needs and business opportunities: workshops, shadowing sessions, on-site or off-site interviews, user testing, etc.
  • Support the product team during the design of new features and platform evolutions: problem/opportunity validation, wireframing, prototyping and management of the design process.
  • Design optimal user interfaces and flows and ensure hand-off with the engineers.
  • Follow the delivery process with the engineering team and analyze user interactions once features are launched.
  • Implement an iterative design process with the Product Manager in order to maximize learning velocity.

  • Structure our design process and grow the team

  • Be a mentor and a coach to our Product Designer in the team, and hire talented Product Designers in the medium term.

What we expect

  • 5+ years experience as a Product Designer, UX/UI designer, ideally on SaaS products and in fast-paced environments
  • Entrepreneurial mindset is mandatory : this role is about finding the right solution to a great problem, not polishing the processes of a 1000p company
  • UX expertise with an understanding of user psychology and customer journey frameworks
  • Strong analytical skills: you know how to analyze and transform a problem into a strong product experience that deliver value for the busienss
  • Real expertise in building complex flows (especially in SaaS), you are also very well verse in the concepts of typography, grid systems or atomic design.

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